Some interesting things about Raghu

I play both acoustic and classical guitar. I took 7 years of classical guitar training. Here is my Tacoma acoustic steel string guitar. The guitar is a lot more solid and has a much thinner neck because there is bracing to support the neck in the area where the soundhole would have normally been.

I am big Star Trek fan especially of the Next Generation. Here is a picture of me wearing the uniform from the Next Generation trying to get a tricoder working. I also love the TV Show M*A*S*H.

Whitewater rafting is a lot of fun. Here we are getting pumelled under a waterfall on the Ayung River in Bali, Indonesia. I've also done rafting trips on the Snake River in Wyoming and the Stanislaus and Sacramento Rivers in California. If you want to do something different and really thrilling, I would highly recommend it.

I am also trying to get to as many Hard Rock Cafes around the world. As a guitar player, I like to drool over the guitars on display. Here I am in front of the HardRock in Sydney, Australia. So far, I have been to ones at:

I grew up all over the world in Kuwait, Nigeria, French Cameroons, Bahrain, Singapore, Kuwait (again), Malta and then in the US. My dad used to drill for oil and we got to travel to countries that were rich in oil.

And yes, I am afraid of cats and dogs, so as you can imagine, we don't have a pet.