Some interesting things about Lori

She used to play in the handbell choir at Purdue. Here she is before a performance. The thing thats interesting about handbells is that you are in charge of a certain set of bells which play a certain set of notes. You then have to coordinate with everyone else who manage the other bells in the choir. So you don't play every note yourself.

Mom and Lori made her wedding dress together.. Pretty amazing!! Please take a look at our wedding album to see more pictures.

Oh yes, and she loves cats (and just about any animal) and has been very patient with Raghu who is terrified of them (Raghu thanks her immensely!!). Here is a picture of Rocky, who lives with her parents in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lori loves to sew and do craft projects. Most of the stuff in our home is actually made by her. Most recently she made all the decorations and bedding for the baby's room. Please check out our "Waiting for Baby" album to see the results. Here is a cross stitch project she completed on a sweatshirt. Very cute!!

Lori also went to cake school and learned how to make cakes. She made about 15 of them and they were very professional. Here is one she did with the Power Ranger theme.