The Alfredson Family

Here are some pictures of our family on Lori's side. Please click on each picture to see a bigger version

Jerry and Jan Alfredson (Mom and Dad). They live in Cartersville, Georgia. Dad just retired from Dekalb Plant Genetics. He was managing a seed corn plant in Cartersville. Enjoy your retirement Mom and Dad!!

Ella Alfredson (Jerry's mom). Grandma lives in Norway, Michigan

Jake and Marie Larson (Mom's parents). They used to live in Norway, Michigan. Both passed away in 1981

Brian and Christy Alfredson. Brian is Lori's brother. He and Christy got married in 1996 and now live in Indianapolis Indiana. They have two children - Morgan and Spencer.

The entire Alfredson Family. Here is a picture of everyone in the Alfredson family.