Welcome to our album entitled "Parallel Lives". Ever wonder how two people meet from opposite sides of the world and then get married?

Well, Raghu lived in Kuwait, Nigeria, Cameroons, Bahrain, Singapore, Kuwait (again), India, Malta (thats in the Mediterranean) before coming to the US. In the US, Raghu first lived in Lubbock Texas in 1983 as a freshman at Texas Tech University. He then moved to Purdue in Lafayette, Indiana as a junior.

Lori travelled all over the midwest living in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana (again) and Michigan. She joined Purdue in 1987.

We were members in a co-ed fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega (APO). Our chapter (Alpha Gamma) did community work in the Lafayette, Indiana area. Raghu was the chairman of the Purdue campus blood drive. Lori was pledging at the time to join APO and she asked him out (yes -- Raghu was a wimp and didn't do it himself).

This album will show you one picture for each year of our lives starting from when we were born. Its amazing how people grow up over the years -- ENJOY!!